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A new feature as of June 2015 has been added - look at the bottom of this web page and there is a new Star Chart exclusively for Grand Cayman

CIAS Dates for your Diary May

Hi All

Tuesday 19th May
The next General Public meeting will be next Tuesday  19th May At Pedro’s Castle starting at 7:30 PM
Please dim your lights on arrival. Last month  we had a fantastic turn out but too many cars, so I will now request that  from now on visitors park outside and walk in.
This also removes the issue of car head lights- which used to dazzle observers on entry.
As usual the  evening will be canceled if there is any rain or the sky is more than 50 percent cloudy. Please ring me (NOT TXT) to confirm at around 7 PM
(Phone 925 7657)

Friday 22nd May
We have been asked to give a viewing for Cayman Prep School – this is at the Prep site in Smith road. I'm looking for helpers for the evening. We will be using the 10 inch Dob and one other

Tuesday 26th May AGM
This will be based at the UCCI W Hrudey Observatory at will start at 7:00 PM – to finish hopefully at 8:00 PM and then to Sunset My Bar.
This will be an important evening as there are various people leaving the island and hopefully new people join us too. Ill email an Agenda out next week along with a map if needed

June Members “Bring a Scope and a Bottle” evening
We also have a members barbeque evening planned – Id like to  to see this as bring a scope and a bottle. Venue and date to be decided at the AGM – but very much in early June AND MEMBERS ONLY

Clear Skies  every one!

Chris Cooke 925 7657


Cayman Islands Astronomical Society said...

In spite of the cloudy start to the General Public meeting on Tuesday 19 May we had a good viewing session attended by around 20 people or so. Objects seen were
1 day old Moon
Venus (with clear phase)
Jupiter (4 Moons)
Beehive Cluster
Southern Cross (and my favorite)
The "Jewel Box"
A satellite (Cosmos 1508R)
And finally M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy

Unknown said...

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