New- Star Chart For Cayman

A new feature as of June 2015 has been added - look at the bottom of this web page and there is a new Star Chart exclusively for Grand Cayman

The next "Star Watch" meeting of the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society will be on Sunday 26th of October

The next "Star Watch" meeting of the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society will be on Sunday 26th of October starting at 6:30 PM onwards at Pedro's Castle , Savannah.
All are welcome, but as usual if the evening is more than 50 percent cloudy the meeting will be canceled
Ring (not text) 925 7657 at 6:00 PM if in doubt. 
On arrival please dip headlights and do not park on the grass. If you are a large group please park outside and walk to the main lawn area.
There is no charge for the occasional visitor but donations or membership of the Society for a modest 25 CI is encouraged.

We are expecting a good crowd with interest from two youth clubs for that evening so can members confirm as much as possible their attendance for the evening 
Two items of news to briefly mention.
In the news for THIS Sunday night 19th October is Comet Siding Springs which has a close encounter with Mars. For those who happen to be ON Mars at  the moment (!!!) the comet will be spectacular - although from Earth is going to be pretty faint (large telescope required) but relatively easy to find as Mars is now setting in the West after Sunset.
I could write a book of famous people I almost met - but I did work briefly in my career with Rob McNaught who first spotted the comet at the Siding Springs Observatory. He has discovered over 80 comets over the years but suspect the dreaded  world-wide "Government Cutbacks" are affecting any future tally he will have! 
So after all these years we still have something in common
Also I'm not expecting this to arrive before THIS Sunday but the Societies new 12 inch telescope might just make it for the next Pedros' meeting.
Our existing  large Scope is now 9 years old and is in need of some maintenance. A 12 inch is a huge jump in size so we should see quite a bit more detail in astronomical objects 
When the scope arrives and is "tested"  (in Astronomical terms this is known as  "First Light")  I can see a Members Only meeting here with wine and pizza perhaps? 
I'm hoping we will then have a special observing session in town somewhere to say thank you to all the people who donated to the Society (and perhaps to raise some more ?)
Any ideas welcome
Clear Skies everyone