New- Star Chart For Cayman

A new feature as of June 2015 has been added - look at the bottom of this web page and there is a new Star Chart exclusively for Grand Cayman

Next Meeting is on August 11th Pedros Castle

Hi All The next Society meeting is on Sunday 11th August 7:30 PM at Pedro's Castle.

 Ive been told there is a big wedding the day before so hopefully the “lights” will have been broken down (!)  by the time we get there.  If its still flood lit then we will move to the cemetery across the road.

Where ever we are remember to dip your car headlights on approach.

Members of the public are welcome free of charge but its only a modest 25 CI to join us.

If the weather looks bad - and by that we mean more than 50 percent cloud cover  - the meeting will be cancelled. If in doubt ring me at 7:30 PM on 925 7657

Clear Skies !!

Chris Cooke

Next Meeting For Everyone on Wed July 10th 2013

There will be a meeting of the Society next Wednesday evening 10th July starting at 7:30 PM, at Pedro's Castle in Savannah.

All are welcome.This time of the year the weather may be an issue so if cloud cover is greater than 50 percent then the meeting will be canceled. Any doubts then phone or text 925 7657 at 7:30 PM for a final verdict. REMEMBER TO DIM HEADLIGHTS ON APPROACH

Members Only this Saturday 6 July : UCCI Observatory
There is also a solar viewing session planned THIS Saturday 6 July to CIAS members or past attendees of the recent evening courses held at the UCCI college called "Introduction To Astronomy". This is a morning of Solar viewing where interested parties will be able to see various techniques to observe the Sun - assuming there is no cloud cover of course. Time planned are 10:00 AM until 12:00 - Again ring or text me if you plan to come but the weather is not good.

Members will also receive their Monthly newsletter in the next few hours. If you have not received it by Thursday please let me know

Other meetings planned for non-members
For non members we will be hopefully following the Solar Observing session  up with a free meeting for the general public - in collaboration with the UCCI . More on this later . We also of course still have the monthly meetings whihc are open to vistors and occasional vistors free of charge

How Do I become a Member?
To become a member please either

Contact Myriam Madigan
Or send a cheque to

The Cayman Islands Astronomical Society
c/o PO Box 1601 KY1 1110

together with your name and email address 

Membership is 25 CI per perso and lasts one year from June 1st onwards

Regards Chris

Finally I've been asked to let you know the following from a member who is a keen sky watcher and dog lover

Used CAYMAN STAMPS are treasured collectors’ items throughout the world. they are being collected by heather haines to support a dog rescue fund in the UK. equally appreciated are ALL caribbean stamps- and also any and all other world stamps. in other words, ALL stamps help the cause!! THANK YOU to the many people who have already donated cancelled postage stamps to the Irish Wolfhound Rescue Fund.BUT REMEMBER this is an ongoing project, so keep those stamps coming!!!! THANKS!!!!

please send to:
dr. heather haines
box 31654 SMB
grand cayman KY1-1207

OR drop them off at ISLAND VETERINARY SERVICES addressed to heather haines.