New- Star Chart For Cayman

A new feature as of June 2015 has been added - look at the bottom of this web page and there is a new Star Chart exclusively for Grand Cayman

September Newsletter

Hi Everyone
The next meeting of the Cayman Islands  Astronomical Society is next WEDNESDAY 16th September at  7:30 PM - to be held at St Pedro's Castle.
All are welcome. Nonmembers are asked to park outside and walk through. NO parking is allowed on the grass
In the event of the sky being more than 50 percent cloudy the meeting will be canceled. If in doubt please phone (not text) at 7:15PM   - 9257657

Karen will be looking for people to join the Society!  Remember the society can only exist if people support it.
The Society is still looking for somewhere easily accessible to allow me to store  the various scopes etc. other than in my house- which is on the market at the moment.
The Society T shirts for those who have ordered will also be available from  Karen for collection (and payment for those not already paid)

Later this month there is a Lunar Eclipse on Sunday 27th September . For accurate times see this link
It's the last of a series of Lunar Eclipses called a Tetrad and this particular eclipse is going to be a good one
To celebrate such event the Astronomical Society will be having  a members only evening Lunar Eclipse Barbeque Party - there will be a separate email for members
The series of 4 "Blood Moons has not yet resulted in the end of the world- but we have one more Moon to go.
Certainly those who have "foretold" such events have one more chance financially to sell their books on the topic

Rest assured - the Monday morning crawl to work will come soon enough 
Here's a picture taken the other morning - its facing WEST  - so the Sun is behind me in the East.
What you are seeing here are Anticrepescular rays - good word for Scrabble that.
Seen quite a few recently in the evening skies but early in the morning quite rare.

Finally the email list is growing all the time but  let me know if you want you name removed.
If you persist it will be removed eventually - I'm human  after all and not a machine
Clear Skies, Keep looking up!