New- Star Chart For Cayman

A new feature as of June 2015 has been added - look at the bottom of this web page and there is a new Star Chart exclusively for Grand Cayman

June/July meeting At St Pedros Monday 30th June 2014 - start 7:30 PM

As usual this time of the year in June the meeting may be canceled due to the weather. If the sky is more than 50 percent cloudy then its unlikely the meeting will go ahead. Please feel free to ring me (not text) at 7 PM on 925 7657  if in doubt.

We are expecting a good number tonight (see below) so please park outside the grounds and walk in as space is limited.

The meeting is open to the General Public but we will also be looking after the Sunrise Rotary Club this evening as well. They are kindly  making a donation of a modest 5 CI per person and for a special one-off evening I  will suggest non members  might like to make the same donation amount too 

All monies raised either by donations or membership fees goes towards refreshing the Society's telescopes and we are planning to replace our major "big" telescope soon.

The sky on the 30th Of June  at around 9 PM local time  has the constellation of Scorpius rising  in the SE - and the Southern Cross is now setting in the SW.  Ursa Major (The Big Dipper or The Plough) is favorably placed in the North West too.

The Planets Mars and Saturn will be easily identified .

 On the 30th June there  is also  a crossing of the International Space Station at round 8 PM.  Also hoping to be seen is  an impressive Iridium Flare  at around 20:45 PM. If you have not seen one of these then you are in for a treat . It is predicted to  reach a maximum brightness of -4.2, More precise timings will be given on the night . Thanks to Chris Pete for the Sky Map below and the satellite predictions - Visit http://heavens-above for more details

Clear Skies Everyone !

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