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A new feature as of June 2015 has been added - look at the bottom of this web page and there is a new Star Chart exclusively for Grand Cayman

Newsletter for March 2014 : Meetings and Updates

The next Meeting Of the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society  

is on the 4th March at  7:30  PM at Pedro's Castle 
The meeting will be canceled if raining or more than 50 percent cloudy- If in doubt please ring me (Chris) on 925 7657

Please dip your headlights on arrival and do not park on the grass. 

All are welcome and there is no charge however we are a non profit organization so that after a few meetings you might like to join.

To Join The Astronomical Society 

Membership  costs 25 CI and runs from Jan 1st to 31 December 
If you cant make the meeting then send a cheque made payable to the following address

Chris Cooke  PO Box 1601 GT 
KY1 1110

Alternatively  you can drop the cheque or cash off at Kirks Stationary Store - just ask for Myriam Madigan

See the Sun in close-up at the UCCI Observatory this coming Saturday 22nd 

between 10 and 12 midday. Bill Hrudey will be there to show live pictures of the Sun in detail - it is a very safe way to see the Sun in Close-up without going blind. 

NEVER under any circumstances look at the sun with a telescope or binoculars without the correct specialist Astronomical sun filters. This is what Bill will be using on Saturday. Again usual rules apply on cloud cover and rain - This time ring Bill 327 1892 for the latest weather update from the Observatory on Saturday morning. I cant make it so if any of our "Solar" members want to help please contact Bill 

Saturday March 1st Cayman Arts Festival "Red Sky At Night"

We wil be there down Astronomical Avenue!
If you want  to help us raise funds please let me know ASAP - we have a limited number of free tickets available to Society Members 

Grand Donation To The Society

Finally some good  news - we have been very kindly donated by Sheree Ebanks a  Celestron Nexstar 8i, this is a computerized "GOTO" telescope with an 8 inch mirror. Ian and I have had it working- its not new but not only is it going where its told to go to its now giving some good images too now Ive cleaned up the optics . Bill has kindly fixed its tripod and with all that done we are hoping to use the Scope at the next meeting and the Red Sky At Night too. So come along and see the new beastie! 

Clear Skies (please!!!!!) Chris 

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